Where We've Been

It's a little strange that Thomas and I have been together nearly a decade and have never yet taken a honeymoon.

We traveled to Montreal once with my mother and his grandmother, but other than that, it's strange to say that we've managed to live and have ordinary meets up with people (that don't qualify as travelling) in more cities and countries than we've yet traveled.

To be fair, it's difficult travelling with a cat (now multiple cats) and no one to cat sit (soon to be sorted since my brother is moving close by). And we have managed to live in three different countries on two different continents (Canada, the UK, & Portugal) in our nearly ten years of marriage.

Still, it's about time we started to travel, at least to different cities in the country where we now live.

It's also nice to have a place to keep track - of what we saw, felt, ate, drank, and experienced. Which is exactly what we'll be doing here.