Animals Galore at Parque Marechal Carmona, Cascais

While we'd all been to Parque Marechal Carmona, located in the Center of Cascais, my brother decided it'd been too long since we took a trip down there, so the four of us headed downtown (myself, my brother, my husband, and his husband) to have a gander.

Before we could even enter the park, we were greeted by a mama hen with two cutie pie chicks (one yellow, one black) trailing behind her, and an out-of-place feeling egg, not even hidden away, but smack dab in the middle of the open space...

Not a bad start to our day!

Next we were treated to a stampede of roosters fighting their way to a delicious bread crumb feast, brought to them by the most jolly man I'd see all day.

It was impossible not to stop and watch the chickens, who honestly didn't squabble one bit over the food. Surprising! At least to me.

Next it was time to say hello to the turtles, who were enjoying the hot day swimming around together, prettier than a synchronized swimming routine, though with nowhere near the level of grace.

The lazy-bones turtles clump together on rocks, dozing away in the sun like humans tanning on a beach.

I can't remember a time I've been to this park and not seen a slew of turtles clumped together on rocks. It's too cute for words.

They hung out with the ducks, too.

Stinkin' adorable.

Nothing but good vibes by the fountain.

It was a gorgeous day with loads to see.

But what drew our attention most were absolutely the animals...

Ducks sleeping together among the irrigation lines -

Roosters with stunning colourations -

Or that kind of looked like Chewbacca -

Peacocks that could strut their stuff without even trying -

Though of course, the scenery was exceptionally lovely too.

Whether man made...

...or entirely natural.

I've never managed to count the number of unique buildings or just in general man-made sights there are to see here...

One day maybe I'll go through one-by-one and take photos from different angles of each, for separate posts - detailing their stories that I find while researching.

Until then, I'll just enjoy this place for the stunning gem of a park that it is.

It's hard to imagine a place quite like it.

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